IAM - Together Forever

IAMPL is a leading advertising agency in Karnataka with a large number of active clients. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who work together to provide the best service to clients to their utmost satisfaction. IAMPL is committed to provide most effective media tools and technologies to its clients and help them compete in the market.

IAM Team:

R. Chandra Shekhar

- Chairman

IAM's Finance Department is led Headed by Chandra Shekar R, who has greatly improved financial discipline within the organization. For many years, consumer trust has been built on the openness of doing business with IAM. In his own right, Chandra Shekhar has created TV series, TV programmes, and motion pictures.

G K Madhusudhan

- Managing Director

Mr Madhusudhan came up with the idea of IAM. Given 2000+ commercial concepts which have are used in many media and have seen great success. He is a master of fiction and non-fiction in the TV medium. IAM's strategy section is headed by Madhusudhan, a marketing and creative professional who makes sure the company is consistently cutting edge.

V V Krishna Rao

- Director

As the Regional Head of Advertising for E TV network, Krishna Rao has decades of experience in FMCG marketing. more than 200 sales people were trained by him. He works at IAM as the Head of Marketing, and everyone respects him for looking out for the interests of the clients. Many of his clients have found success thanks to his assistance.

S Suresh

- Director

Suresh S Head of Sales also one of the founder Member of IAM, whose commitment has kept clients with IAM for more than 25 years. Suresh treats all clients, with the utmost care & attention, since he is enthusiastic about learning the consumer in each campaign. For the clients who joined IAM on a modest scale, Suresh has worked hard to spread their business across South India.

Govind Raj


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