Take the first step to your success with a 25-year-old champ. IAM

Innovative Advanced Media management Pvt Ltd is a renowned advertising company that has been the preferred choice of over 80 advertisers for the past 25 years. IAM is known for its advanced equipment, scientific analysis, and competitive pricing. IAM has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to provide ultimate service to their clients. IAM is a full-time agency having subscriptions of BARC, Recognized by Indian Broadcasters and Digital Foundation, Accredited to all Tv channels and recognized by State and Central Government.

IAM has won many national level awards. IAM is specialized in Attractive creative jobs, well target Media Plans, High return Media buying, BTL activities and much more value-added services that enables regional advertisers to compete with Multinational Brands. This has made IAM the go-to choose for many advertisers.