Creative Doctor

Get a special feature Creative-Doctor with which logical emotional analysis of your advertising film shall be made and given. Television is 3 Dimentional media which conveys message through

Visual sound and emotionally, different person may receive it differently it should be analyzed in multiple dimensions to avoid conflicts.

Grammatical and other problem that may be existing in your advertisement shall be analyzed.

Usage of Perfect grammar, local accent, easy to understand and remembaralbe words and presentation required in Ad Film, media mines will help you in achieving that

Different Duration of your advertisement shall be edited from the main ad film.

One message can be convinced in 60 secs, same can be in 30sec, which can also be in 10sec, reducing ad film duration without losing its core message is an art, if we succeed in doing so will increase 30-50% more visibility and reach.

Any text message as per your wish shall be added in your advertisement.

We are living in dynamic world things are changing every often so your ad film not out of it, it is also required changes in text, messages and other elements in the ad film according to the growth changes of brand. Media mines with its in house studio will help you to make minor corrections at free of cost. Major changes at nominal cost (At actual industry costs without any service charges)

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