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Are u also advertising in the TV media ?

Indian Television Advertising industry volumes up to 69700 Crore per annum. There are more than 10,000 advertisers advertising in TV Media. Television will continue to dominate ad spend share 39%. We know you are advertising on TV. Aren’t you?

There are more than 450 Satellite TV Channels in multiple languages, in which more than 25 channels are in kannada can you monitor all channels at a time, if not what is the arrangement?

Before the channel gives you the telecast certificate and bills, do you want to get the information how and where your advertisement is being Telecast?

Do you want to know during which break and Time Band did your advertisement was telecast?

Time and Time band plays very important role in placing an ad film, with this knowledge any brand can utilize advertisement budget effectively

Advertising not just playing an Ad at cheaper price it has to reach correct audience to serve the purpose

Is your advertisement reaching the right audience which Match its Target group like age, sex, economic status and Geography who use your product?

Do you want to know how many people how many times and have seen your advertisement?

For example, Karnataka has 7 Crore population, with Geographical classification like Rural, Urban and Metros

Tracking of Reach and Ad frequency will help brand to reach good number of potential target audience

Are you interested to know how your competitors are carrying out their advertisement Campaign?

Knowing competitor activity will help us to plan our resources and strategies. Without spending much, we can also come to know about the core strength and weakness of the competitor, with this we can ride over them or plan are reach a separate segment or audience           

Then Sign up to Media Mines and relax.

Media Mines is the one-point Answer to all your Media TV Media Queries

Media Mines is a media planning, research and evaluation wing of IAMPL

After sign up you can - Enjoy P-P-P solutions on all your TV Media Activity

P-P-P Solutions Includes



and post analysis

This service gives you complete analytical report of your brand activity on Television based on BARC Statistics.

What all you get in Media Mines?

Brand Logs: The details of your schedule Telecast reaches your hands before the channels give their bills.

With this you can verify if there is any discrepancy channel billing

Ad Position: At what places are your advertisement telecast?

You can also know does it really had viewership?

You can exactly know during which programmers your advertisement was telecast.

Based on your expenses you will come to know

how many people saw your advertisement and at what frequency?

You can also know about your competitor presence in TV Media.

What are the future opportunities available to your brand?

With this you can plan the budget for best brand position

Media mines will assist you in making media plan for your Brand,

With 40Crore worth media consumption Media Mines will have deeper knowledge of the industry, same will be applied to your media plan for the best outcome.

Every 3 Months Total campaigns can be analyzed which can be used for next 3Months plans

Analyzing activity with respect to barc statestics will gives you correct picture of gains from the campaign which will help in future media strategy.

Not just that,

once you get the membership you can take unlimited media analysis related to your brand / Category.

With Media mines you can pick the best and drop the worst thus you can save while spending and Maximize the Return on Investment.


You will get details of upcoming opportunities,

Being a regional company we know the views and their pulse better than anyone, content and

their pros and cons will be analyzed reach you before the channel telecast the same so you can take the maximum benefits before the number comes out

As a value added service you will get a special feature Creative-Doctor with which logical emotional analysis of your advertising film shall be made and given. Television is 3Dimentional media which conveys message through

Visual sound and emotionally, different person may receive it differently it should be analyzed in multiple dimensions to avoid conflicts.

Grammatical and other problem that may be existing in your advertisement shall be analyzed.

Usage of Perfect grammar, local accent, easy to understand and remembaralbe words and presentation required in Ad Film, media mines will help you in achieving that

Different Duration of your advertisement shall be edited from the main ad film.

One message can be convinced in 60 secs, same can be in 30sec, which can also be in 10sec, reducing ad film duration without losing its core message is an art, if we succeed in doing so will increase 30-50% more visibility and reach

Any text message as per your wish shall be added in your advertisement.

We are living in dynamic world things are changing every often so your ad film not out of it, it is also required changes in text, messages and other elements in the ad film according to the growth changes of brand. Media mines with its in house studio will help you to make minor corrections at free of cost. Major changes at nominal cost (At actual industry costs without any service charges)

The savings you make from media mines is several times higher than its fees.

Media Mines - Your private media planner.

Think together, share together, Grow Together,

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