Zee Kannada News Awards

Zee Kannada digital media offers a unique opportunity to advertisers. Usually, companies who advertise on TV media have no control over the viewers. They should imagine the reach of their ads by seeing the TRP rating coming in the weekend. There may be wastage in this process and there is no guarantee that all the ad that is aired will be seen by the potential viewers.

Zee Kannada News digital media is introducing an innovative advertising method pay per view here advertiser will pay only if it is viewed by his customer. This allows advertisers to capture 100% attention of their customers' and get maximum mileage

This can be used as lead generation tool


Zee group, a prominent TV channel of the country is recognizing progressive entrepreneurs and giving them the Smart Entrepreneur Award.

Zee Channel is presenting this award on it’s new Zee News Kannada Digital Channel. The award ceremony will be held at Well-known auditorium in Bangalore in the presence of dignitaries from the centre and state

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